Funeral Cover

Funeral cover pays out a lump sum to your family in the event of your death with the objective of covering the cost of your funeral. The difference between funeral cover and life Insurance on the other hand is that life insurance protects your family against the financial implications of your death, such as ongoing bills, debts and childcare.

An over 50s plan is a simple and straightforward way for people aged 50 or over to cover the cost of a funeral. If, due to medical reasons, you find it difficult to be accepted for a term assurance policy, then there is an option of an over 50s guaranteed acceptance policy. With such polices there is no need to run through a medical so therefore you are guaranteed to be accepted and the pay-out is also guaranteed. You continue to pay your monthly premiums up to your 90th birthday after which you are still covered but you do not have to pay any more premiums past this point.